RSD 17 Board of Education
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The issue of improving the Varsity Field complex has been discussed at length throughout our community. Groups of people from all areas of Haddam and Killingworth aligned with a variety of organizations and sports teams are greatly concerned with the natural grass and lack of bleachers at the Varsity field.

Safety concerns have been voiced from visiting teams as to the lack of stability provided with our current natural turf. Teams have also noticed the obvious lack of bleachers to seat large gatherings at the complex. Both concerns regarding the turf and bleachers have been voiced multiple times in the local newspaper, The Middletown Press.

The community feeling is that the lights added have given us an ability to hold athletic events and community gatherings at night, but are not presenting a quality venue due to the lack of artificial turf, bleachers, and press box.

We are asking that Regional School District 17 give serious consideration to budgeting for and installing artificial turf, bleachers, and a press box at the HKHS Varsity Field.

Addition of these items would give the community a quality complex that could be used by football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and track and field teams at the high school. It would also take pressure off of the other natural turf athletic fields at the high school and allow better growth and maintenance on those fields.

Community events such as Relay for Life, concerts, and outdoor shows could also be held more comfortably at such a facility.

We, the undersigned, urge Regional School District 17 of Connecticut to solicit information leading to budgeting and installation of artificial turf, bleachers, and a press box to improve the Varsity Field at HKHS.

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