Hinesville City Council
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This petition is about the youth skateboarding & BMX riding community: A place to practice their talents & meet with their friends in a safe place, rather than traveling from Hinesville to Midway which is difficult due to distance.

As of now there is no such recreational facilities for our Liberty & Long counties communities. The idea is that our large youth group of our community in Hinesville, GA would be able to appreciate & access a decent skatepark that they could enjoy without making trouble with law around the streets by keeping them occupied & out of trouble, also if their is a skatepark created then riders won't be damaging private property by making jumps, ramps, & grinds around the streets in our community.

We, the undersigned, call on the Hinesville City Council to create a skatepark capable for skateboarders/BMX riders. Liberty & Long counties has a big skateboarding/BMX riders community.

The benifits from this will be: Less property damage, less loitering,& a safer enviroment for our community. If you are happy with the idea that we the riders of Liberty & Long counties are putting forward; then please show your support.

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The Hinesville, GA BMX/Skatepark petition to Hinesville City Council was written by Jada & Jacob Booher and is in the category Youth at GoPetition.

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