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BTS Had an amazing time in Chicago. The crowd was lively and very excited. Even though seats were assigned, peopled started showing up and making line outside the venue at 9 AM (concert started at 7 PM).

BTS was in Chicago the longest out of all of the cities, they loved it here. It would be great to have them come back another time! So we could all tell Namjoon and Jungkook happy belated birthday. And Tell Jimin Happy Early birthday.

Please let them come to chicago, there is no Midwest stop in The Highlight Tour. The closest one is 14 hours away in Atlanta. After you sign this post please go on twitter and post a cute/ funny picture of them, a bts related saying, or anything with #ChicagoHighlightTour

We, the people of the Midwest, request a Chicago stop to the BTS Highlight tour.

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