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Nurses with little pay
United States of America

The reason why I starting this petition is because Me and others believe that nurses don't get paid enough for their hard dedication to their patients. Doctors don't do less work than nurses but I just believe nurses should get paid almost the same amount of money as doctors.

The money that nurses get paid will only provide for maybe a months rent and a few groceries. Doctors are the ones who have the huge fancy mansions and are hardly ever in depth.

Nurses love and care for their patients like nobody could ever care for them. Nurses are the ones the patients talk to when they are having issues or just when they need a good listener. You never hear that doctors ever sit down and listen to their patients because while the nurses are taking their patients blood, the doctors might be doing their own thing.

Nurses have breaks whenever a doctor doesn't come to them with a problem that the doctor could easily do. Even though doctors stay in college longer than nurses, that is no exception for them to be paid more to hurt the economy, and the nurses to be paid less which hurts their financial needs. Some doctors don't even diagnose their patients right. People just don't understand how painful it is when a nurse has to tell a patient that they have a disease or illness that could jeopardize their lives, while the doctors still care about their patients, I think they should be more considerate of the patients feelings and thoughts.

Nurses love what they do and they feel much enjoyment from helping people. They don't care about the money while knowing that they need the money for their kids and their house/apartment. Sometimes, nurses don't even get enough to pay the rent and feed the kids, so they might borrow some money from a friend or family.

It's unfair how doctors have more benefits than nurses. So remember, nurses need to get what they deserve because they have needs just like doctors.

I, Valeata Walker, has made a petition to state that nurses' salaries aren't enough and they need more than what they currently receiving.

Please sign this petition if you agree that nurses should get as much pay as doctors because nurses deserve it.

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