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7.7 million viewers for the first airing Of High School Musical, which set a Disney Channel record for viewership.
18.6 million viewers for the sequel a year later. High School Musical 2 broke the network’s viewership record by more than 11 million. Its the most-watched basic cable broadcast of all-time.
$252 million in global box office gross for 2008’s High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

High school musical has been a big part of my childhood and millions of others. To see a reunion movie would blow millions of minds and just add another great movie onto an already great movie trilogy. I would like to get the attention of Disney and all of the original cast members to hopefully make this happen. As we grow older and the high school musical trilogy turns into “classics” for our generation, it would be amazing to see a fresh new movie to satisfy our high school musical fever. Let’s grab the attention of Disney and get a fresh new high school musical movie to grab the hearts of millions. Please help with your signature to make this movie happen. Thank You #hsmreuion

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