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Owner of Hickstead, Mr Douglas Bunn, has offered the magnificent Hickstead estate and all its international equestrian facilities, to the Nation, to be used for the Olympic Equestrian Events, 2012. This offer has been turned down, and the events are to go ahead in Greenwich Park.

The organisation, Friends of Greenwich Park, is also campaigning against the creation of the cross country course and other disturbances to the Park. It is apparently normal practise to have to obtain an achaeological dig licence to even plant a tree in the London Parks, so important are their history and heritage. So why, then, is this conveniently being waived, when considerable earthworks will undoubtedly be undertaken in the course of providing the facilities?

It is already a given fact that there will be insufficient space for spectators, but there also are many country-living people who would not bother with the undoubted hassle of having to get into the City, but who would happily go to Hickstead.

The Bunn family have provided a venue for some of our greatest international shows, for many years, often in the face of declining sponsorship due to the economic climate, and somehow, they have kept it all going.

It would be a fitting thank you, for their efforts, and a far more accessible venue for those of us who wish to attend.

We, the undersigned, call on the British Equestrian Federation and Olympic Committee, to reconsider their ill advised and clearly unpopular choice of venue, Greenwich Park, London, in favour of the Hickstead Estate.

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