#Neighborhood Living
Rita Dorsey, Margaret Fluker, HHCC Administrators
United States of America

The citizens, taxpayers, and residents of Hickory Hill want to create and maintain an environment conducive to the well being of all residents.

The Hickory Hill Community Center has been instrumental in helping youth, seniors, parents, family and friends find a safe, convenient, affordable place for recreation, health, fitness, and community participation. Recent decisions to change HHCC hours of operation has become an issue - causing great displeasure among many residents. The proposed plan to open HHCC at 9. a.m. will significantly impact residents ability to utilized the facility.

The proposed later opening time will create scheduling conflicts and limit individuals health, fitness and recreational activities.

We need the HHCC to remain open at 6 a.m. during week days, and preferably Saturdays.

Please take action by signing now! Support efforts requesting Hickork Hill Community Center administrators to allow the facility to remain open and available to residents beginning at 6 a.m. each week day.

Without early opening times, many adult residents will experience scheduling conflicts - preventing them from enjoying an affordable, convenient, and safe place for recreation, health and fitness.

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