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So our good friend, the Red Rock Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Kowboy Mike Hughes, was told by the people at Facebook that he can longer continue calling himself "Kowboy" on Facebook.

They say he needs to provide some sort of documentation that his "real name" is Kowboy.

Let's see if we can get 1,000 signatures to send to the people at Facebook to "Save The Kowboy!"

Athlete, Role Model, and all around good dude, Kowboy Mike Hughes -- owner and current Heavyweight Champion of Red Rock Wrestling -- was informed by Facebook the other day that he is no longer able to keep the moniker "Kowboy" as part of his profile on Facebook.

Now, while some people add stupid names on Facebook for humorous reasons; Mike Hughes has been an inspiration to countless numbers of young Islanders and we don't think it's right that Facebook all of a sudden says he's not allowed to call himself what he is -- he is the KOWBOY!

The people of PEI would like to ask Facebook to waive this dumb rule -- and save the Kowboy!

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