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Hexthorpe Flatts is a public park located on the site of a former limestone quarry in Doncaster. The site has been continually developed since 1902 with the aim of creating a park that is safe, accessible and enjoyable to all.

The riverside path is a valuable feature of the park; it connects the two local towns of Hexthorpe and Sprotborough and also forms part of the Trans Pennine Trail. A wide range of wildlife has been seen at this site including otters, foxes, grass snakes, & potentially water voles (UK protected species).

However, the area has not been well looked after in the past and has become a ‘no-go’ area in the main with a reduced value for wildlife due to it being dwarfed by non-native Himalayan Balsam. Visitors also feel enclosed and unsafe when walking the pathway due to the density of Balsam. The local community wish to change this.

Volunteer groups will pull by hand 1000m2 of Himalayan Balsam before composting on-site as habitat piles. Although labour intensive it is the best way of preventing its spread. This will then allow the river bank to naturally recolonise with native flora and fauna and the rotting Balsam will create new habitat for invertebrates elsewhere. It will also mean people can better access the site and feel safer whilst doing so.

Funding is needed for this project to happen. It is supported by Friends of Hexthorpe Park, Living Streets, Hexthorpe Primary School and many other local people and organisations.

We, the undersigned, call on BIFFAward to grant funding for this project at Hexthorpe Flatts.

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