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This proposal states the reasons why Funimation should create a HetaOni movie. The series captivates the audience, and Funimation would have a huge fan-base behind it, more than Hetalia actually has.

Anyone who wishes to see a finalized movie of HetaOni made by Funimation should at least read it.

Thank you for your time.

Dear Funimation executives:

If I may, on behalf of the fans of Hetalia: Axis Powers, I would like to inquire if Funimation would be interested in creating an animated movie for the fan-made Hetalia RPG, HetaOni. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=509lzLd7t2Q

HetaOni is based off of a game called AoOni and its premise is to escape from the mansion. The nations are trapped within a house controlled by alien creatures who wish only to kill them and they must band together to solve the mystery of the house and escape.

The game begins when Italy hears of a haunted mansion and decides he wants to go there with the Axis, the Allies, Prussia, and Canada. After the World Summit, the Allies plus Canada head over to the mansion first, yet mysteriously, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Prussia arrive first without having passed the Allies on the way. Once inside, the Axis quickly realize that they are locked within the mansion, and, as Japan goes to investigate a breaking sound from the kitchen, the others are attacked by a giant Tony-look-alike monster that gets increasingly stronger throughout their stay.

When Japan collects all of his companions again, he notices Italy acting strangely; instead of panicking like Germany and Prussia were, Italy was calmly making pasta in the library, waiting for Japan to find him. A while later, after the Allies arrive at the mansion, America, France, and Prussia all go missing on the same day.

Further on, they realize that there are time distortions between the rooms, which makes keeping time and staying connected with people in other rooms extremely difficult. Russia realizes that, by breaking some strange clocks found within some rooms, the time distortions can be stopped. However, once a clock is broken, everyone, especially Japan and America, have strange visions of their friends dying in different ways. Italy insists that the house must be trying to confuse them and the rest easily accept that reasoning. Later on, Japan realizes that they are not illusions, but rather memories of events that happened before- in a previous time loop.

Nearly every time loops occurs because the nations are not strong enough to defeat the alien monsters and end up dying, one by one, leaving only Italy in the end, having been protected by everyone. The first loop, Italy managed to escape from the mansion, but was crushed by the sadness of loosing everyone and used the book of someone who had, like Italy, used its power to create time loops to try saving his friends. Later it is revealed that Italy uses a special clock within the house to rewind time. There is, however, one time loop caused by a different character because Italy had been the only one killed in that time loop.

The series has the impressive ability to change the watchers' emotions quickly throughout the series and completely enrapture them. In the beginning, there is just the feeling of confused sympathy, but it quickly changes to surprise and fear when the monster appears. Sadness and fear are the two major emotions within the series. Episode 16 contains the most heart-wrenching and one of the more frightening scenes within HetaOni, and it is the part where the largest amount of watchers tend to start crying. The various mysteries within the series cause watchers to try to sift and reason through the possible explanations confusedly and anticipate the tricks, sitting on the edges of their seats.

The series is widely popular. The first episode earned 166,310 views, while the Hetalia dubbed first episode, the most popular episode uploaded onto Funimation's YouTube page, has earned 162,875 views. The average views for all of the current 42 videos of HetaOni is 47,250 views. The average amount of views for the first 42 dubbed Hetalia episode is 26,810, and the average for the first 42 subbed episodes of Hetalia is 38,325. There is already a high interest in the series, so Funimation is already guaranteed around 50,000 viewers for the movie, as well as any new interest from Funimation's already-large Hetalia fan-base.

Because Funimation is still currently working on Hetalia: Axis Powers, Funimation will already have the voices for each of the characters and would not have to go out of its way. It would be a new experience for the voice actors to have to voice their characters in a whole different light and with new, raw emotions. The only two new voices would be needed for are Korea and the alien, who does not make more than some noises.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering my proposal. There would be profit in creating a HetaOni movie, and all of the fans would be greatly pleased. Again, thank you for your time.

Alyssa Brie Williams

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