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Herion addicts are ordinary people with a sickness and not enough help in the state of Ohio! Herion is killing Hundred's of people a day. More than enough addicts want so badly off this devilish drug, except can't find the help and support needed. There is more focus on catching the dealer then helping the addicts.

The dealers are only supplying what the addicts like and trying to make a living just like the rest of us is it the right way no I'm not saying that but if everyone was given a second chance in life there would be less issues. Each addict knows each time they inject or inhale the drugs that they are taking a chance off overdosing and signing there death certificate.

Let's stop being so focused on money which with the amount of overdoses and deaths happening the more money you are losing. Get more focused on saving our community, loved ones and friends lives. Help me help my mother "Before it's to late. This is the last bit of Hope I've reached out to over 15 reality and talk shows for help because my family is dealing with Herion addiction and I want to stop it before it's to late. So please help me help you or even your family get the proper support they need.

Please please pass this around and maybe open up some eyes and make a change in our community State or even world wide.

We the undersigned, are asking for immediate help for heroin addicts in our community.

We are losing our friends and Families because the state of Ohio doesn't offer heroin addicts enough help and support.

The only help these addicts have is 3 day detox, then are sent home until a bed opens in a Rehabilitation Center. By the time the rehab has a bed open the addict has already relapsed and won't be accepted. So I need help finding these individuals the full help abd guidance they want, need and deserve.

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