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Federal Conservative Government of Canada and Crawford Law Firm

Feds to announce Hep C compensation

Date Published | Jul. 13, 2006

PM Harper Announces Compensation For Additional Hepatitis C Victims
About 100 To Receive Funds In Region

Harper, Goodyear, Clement Greet Crowd

Journalists found themselves rushing to Cambridge yesterday after a surprise announcement caught many of them off guard.

The David Durward Centre in the downtown core of Galt was chosen for the announcement of the federal funding package for those Canadians who contracted hepatitis C from the blood system before January 1, 1986 and after July 1, 1990.

"All should be compensated equally, because all of the victims have endured pain and suffering. Our party has long agreed with this conclusion. And now, as government, we're acting upon it," said the Prime Minister.

Under the terms of the agreement announced today, Canada's new government will set aside nearly $1 billion in a special settlement fund.

Funds Probably Dispersed In Early 2007

Mr. Harper added that the agreement announced today provides the foundation for a detailed final agreement. Once this is completed and approved by the courts in four provinces, an application and review process will be established to ensure that the compensation is provided as quickly and effectively as possible. They are hoping that the funds will be approved by the end of the year and that victims and their families will receive their cheques early in the New Year.

We, the undersigned, put forth this petition to the Federal Conservative Government of Canada:

The undersigned represent some of the many victims of the Hep “C” Compensation agreement put forth and passed by the House of Commons.

The manner in which the appointed administrator of the settlement, Crawford & Company, is carrying out the Government’s promise of a speedy delivery of the funds to these victims is neither consistent nor fair, and we want the Government of Canada to step in and instruct Crawford to disburse these funds as soon as possible, owing to the urgency of the financial needs of the claimants.

The long waiting must stop now, as this debacle has been on going for nearly 15 years and many of its victims have died waiting.

We want the waiting to stop before more victims die before receiving the compensation promised them by the Conservatives during the election campaign.

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