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Indiana State Representative
United States of America

Since the legalization of abortion after Roe v. Wade in 1973, approximately 1.5 billion abortions have occurred worldwide, and approximately 59 million of them were in the United States alone. Many of these women are making the decision to have an abortion with minimal knowledge about the ramifications of their decisions.

As many as 65% of women will suffer some symptoms of PTSD, 60% will experience suicidal thoughts, 28% will attempt suicide, and all post-abortive women increase their chance of physical complications, alcohol or drug abuse, eating disorders, repeat abortions, child abuse, and divorce.

Legislation requiring women be informed of the lifecycle of their child, the possible mental and physical health risks, a discussion with a family member or counselor, and a 24 hour waiting period can help stop unnecessary pain. Approximately 70% of abortions can be stopped with sonograms alone.

Change needs to happen.

In order to help women make a fully-informed decision, we, the undersigned, call on the United States Government to require all clinics that provide abortion services to read over a brochure with the lifecycle of a pregnancy, mental and physical health risks, and personal testimonies with all women seeking an abortion.

We also call that legislation require clinics to perform an ultrasound, women to speak with a family member of counselor, and a 24 hour waiting period.

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