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KYELEM Foundation is a non profit organization with the aim of building a better life for Africans in Africa.

As a pan-African organization based in Ghana, the foundation is promoting Peace, Education and Culture in Africa.

Its dream is to work towards the dream of Kwame Nkrumah:
"The United States of Africa".

If Americans are united, Europeans are united, why not African?

Peace and Love for a better world!

Citizens of the world,

We need your help, to prevent Burkina Faso from disaster.

After 27 years in power, the president of Burkina Faso Blaise Compaoré is still struggling to change the constitution in his favor.

Some countries’ leaders like Congo, DR Congo, Togo, Chad and Gabon are also waiting to see what will happen before they act like him.

The future of Burkina Faso and Africa depend on what Compaoré is going to do with the constitution, and NEVER the citizen will let him touch it!

So far as we all believe that Democracy is the only solution for better governance, help us to say louder "Do not touch my constitution"! Don't wait in-till it is LATE!

Ghana, Togo, Benin, Mali, Niger, Côte d’Ivoire, don’t have place for refugees.
Thank you.

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