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Help Us Protect the Health and Farmland of Our Communities!

If you live in Alberta please help us and sign the petition below.

We are a group of farmers and residents living in and around Fort Saskatchewan which has been designated “the Industrial Heartland Area.”

Our group is called Citizens for Responsible Development. We are working to reduce the pollution to our air, water, and soil caused by tarsands upgraders and to protect the health of our families, natural areas, and some of the most fertile farmland in the entire country.

TOTAL E&P Canada has recently applied to the Energy Resources and Conservation Board to construct another upgrader for our area. This will be the 5th upgrader in our community.

We are participating in the hearing process to negate or reduce the impacts of industry on our families, our farms, and the communities in the region and to prevent TOTAL’s upgrader from adding more pollution to the air, water, and soils of our already saturated region, but we need your help.

We believe this is much more than a local issue – the emissions, water use, and soil acidification will carry far beyond the borders of the project land. Our rights to a reasonable quality of life and our ability to protect our family and our farmlands are being compromised and we do not believe this is in the public interest.

Please support us in our efforts to protect our families and our farmland by signing the petition.

We, the undersigned, support the Citizens for Responsible Development and other residents of the Industrial Heartland in their push to:

1. Protect the health of their families that could be impacted by further industrial development in the region.

2. Protect farmland from being further encroached on by another upgrader and the accompanying infrastructure.

3. Ensure the integrity of the North Saskatchewan watershed.

4. Mitigate the amount of noise, light, and traffic that further industrialization will bring.

5. Reduce the impacts on air, water, soil and agricultural land from industrial emissions.

6. Have an independent panel of scientists monitor the air, land, and water pollution.

7. Create a more effective emergency response system.

For the sake of all Albertans and future generations, please support us.

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