Ontario Minister of Health & Long Term Care

The Ontario Government’s provision of hearing aids, cochlear implants and other assistive devices to Ontario residents with hearing loss is inadequate. Examples of these inadequacies are rampant.

The Assistive Devices Program does not fund visual and tactile fire alarm to save lives, but will fund a visual or tactile system to wake you up in the morning.

The purchase of a hearing aid only receives $500.00 subsidy and this has remained unchanged for years despite the increase in the cost of hearing aids.

Recipients of Cochlear Implants have to wait up to 2 years in some regions of Ontario to receive one.

Bilateral Cochlear implants are not approved except in specific circumstances where there are other health concerns. Because of their cost, the average Ontario citizen cannot take advantage of bilateral implants even though research has shown their benefit.

We call on the Ontario Government and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to review the Assistive Devices Program, and all other Policies related to the provision of Hearing Aids, Assistive Listening Devices, and Cochlear Implants.

Specifically we ask that:

1. Future editions of Quality Report include the wait times for Cochlear Implants.

2. Appropriate funding provided to all Cochlear Implant Centres in order to reduce these tragic wait times.

3. Approval of bilateral cochlear implants under the Ontario health care system.

4. An increase in the subsidy rate for all hearing aids.

5. Subsidized funding for Ontario citizens who require visual or tactile fire alarms.

6.. A review of the Assistive Devices Program policies and procedures related to all matters where hearing loss is involved.

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