Desiree Tatro
United States of America

We had this rollerkingdom and now its gone. I'm just hoping to get it back. I just need maybe some money or enough signatures if you can help you may email me at Dezzie2005@msn.com

In my city Woonsocket Rhode island we had a rollerkingdom. It was a place for kids to skate and dance and hang out with friends. This helped alot of us stay out of trouble. It had worked. It had its rules we loved it there. My friends and people from areas near by would go to skate and hang out. There were games and a snack bar. There was a cost to get in.

Then something very tragic happend they took our freedom and slice of happiness away. The walmart that was next to it bought it. Hey i dont mind that they want to make a super walmart. But i do have a problem with them not doing anything with the building rollerkingdom was in. I can use all the hope i can get. Also the help. I know that we are only kids, but there is no drinking there. Its like our own club. There are adults there.

My friends are hoping that maybe someone outthere cares. Well if you do care contact me at Dezzie2005@msn.com. Make sure in the subject line you right Rollerkingdom or RK. Please help us. That was a spot to cool off. Please o please find it in your heart to forgive us for whatever it is we did help us get our RollreKingdom back.

My name is Desiree. Im looking for people to help me get rollerkingdom in woonsocket back. It would make me and other people proud to have it back. It had its flaws. But with your help, donations and or signitures i probably can get it back. I hope that you will find it in your hearts to help us out. Please help me get our freedom back. Thank you so much.

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