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Space is a huge issue at Circuit Lane Surgery. When the large single-storey extension was built in 1982, there was plenty of space for what GPs were then being asked to do, but they are now expected to do far more.

Every scrap of space is utilised to the full, but we badly needs more space for vital health checks, and for all our blood tests – far more convenient for people to have blood tests here than go to the hospital. Apart from these basic things, we would like to be able to provide more services, like cardiovascular screening (picking up early signs of furred-up arteries), finding and helping people with a high chance of having osteoporosis, and so on.

As an absolute minimum, we need an extra two consultation rooms housing at least one extra doctor. If possible, we would also like to provide an office for our District Nurses. We would also like to provide an on-site chemist and a proper meeting room for educational purposes and for case conferences so local families don’t have to trek into town. There would also be more parking spaces.

If we don’t do this now, we may not get another chance for many years – maybe decades. We can’t do this without your support. Please do sign our petition, and tell your neighbours – we need as much support as possible.

Thank you – we appreciate your help.

Circuit Lane Surgery in Southcote, Reading has been trying to get agreement to develop its under-sized premises since at least 2002. Unfortunately we can’t, without the approval of Berkshire West PCT (the bosses for all GPs in the area), but this has not been forthcoming, perhaps because of political pressure (though our Southcote Councillors are backing us).

We think development is long, long overdue but we need your support. If you agree and would like to see better facilities and services* at Circuit Lane Surgery, please sign our petition!

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