#Human Rights
Wal-Mart Stores
United States of America

Wal-Mart in Carrollton Georgia has increasingly made it difficult for those with disabilities to shop in comfort. They began providing the powered carts for shopping, however, some people are unable to make into or out of the store without such device.

In the beginning they did not argue about the customer going to their vehicle with the device, in fact, they would offer to help (as do many other companies with said devices) Some are unable to utilize the use of a "regular" wheel chair and have no funds / plans to provide their own.

We are seeking your help to change Wal-Mart policies on the care of those with disabilities. We need your signature to help us do this.

Our goal is to change the policy FORCING Wal-Mart to offer the use of the power carts to and from the customers vehicle and furthermore, that the said company also provide IMMEDIATE assistance to those who are unable to carry their merchandise out and/or return the cart after use.

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The Help those with disabilities Shop more Freely petition to Wal-Mart Stores was written by Rev. Dennis L. Bates Jr., PhD. and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.