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Kehinde Bamigbetan, a former Chief Press Secretary to ex-Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, the Chairman of Ejigbo Local Council Development Authority was kidnapped by unknown men on Moday night of April 15, 2013.

He was released, five days after to the happy hands of his family and his associates. He subsequently granted an open interview on his ordeal as reported by many Nigerian Newspapers where he particularly narrated how he was abducted and released.
On the $15 million ransom, according to The Sun Newspaper of April 22, 2013 “I told them I didn’t have that kind of money on me, they later reduced the amount to N50million but I still insisted that I didn’t have that kind of money. “When the ransom was reduced to N15million, I told them that I had a friend that might be able to raise that amount for me. I gave them the friend’s number and when the amount was agreed on, they went on to demand for an additional N10million but I insisted that my friend couldn’t afford it…”

It doesn’t matter anymore if he paid N15m or additional N10m, the issue today is when he said there are other people he left behind in the den, who, by implication cannot pay the ransom.

Since Kehinde Bamigbetan’s release, no one talked about the remaining others in the den. Not even his political associates could offer hope of releasing them by anyway. Editorials have been written, pronouncements by political leaders and the police whose prerogatives were to secure lives and property, none, ever addressed the plight of the poor kidnapped(s).

No doubt Kehinde Bamigbetan’s abductors could be appeased, if according to him “…the same people untied me and started begging me to eat and even offered to wash my clothes for me…” His abductors could be nicer as well, according to him “those boys gave me vehicle with instruction to drive to a convenient point and drop it so that I could get to my house without any trouble".

Give hope and freedom to those left behind by Kehinde Bamigbetan at the Kidnapper’s den.

Your signature will encourage:

1. Kehinde Bamigbetan to cooperate with law and security agencies with the view to help secure “THE REMAINING UNKNOWN KIDNAPPED(S)”.

2. Lagos State Police Command and the CP to ensure the release of the “THE REMAINING UNKNOWN KIDNAPPED(S)” without any delay in whatever form or circumstances.

3. The president of Nigeria to give instruction to security agencies – the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, and others paid to ensure security of lives and property to secure the release of “THE REMAINING UNKNOWN KIDNAPPED(S)”.

This will not only free the innocent poor citizens in the Kidnapper’s den, it will send a serious commitment by us all, according to the Nigerian Guardian Editorial of April 25 2013 “… those who live by crime ’would ‘know that there could never be any legitimate reason for their crimes. Kidnapping, whatever the motive behind it, is a serious crime”.

Why Online Petition?

We are crusaders for good and peaceful life, guaranteed by good governance.
Our goal is to pass our message across without the risk of hurt or loosing your life.

Since peace begets peace, online is peaceful and safer.

Non Violent approach is less likely to result in violence from the other side.

Online Petition is in part successful when we get attention from our Government.

Online Petition will have greater public participation; the elderly, women and children and other people of all background.

The ultimate is to have United Nation Human Right Commission UNHRC to arbitrate on our petition against the other side.

So how will this work particularly in Nigeria?

1st Step

Our petition will allow our leaders to respond to our complaints.


After collating our petitions, we will send it to our legislative leaders to make a pronouncement on our petitions with the view to have the appropriate executive assuage or do what we want.

2nd Step

When that door is typically shut, we take our collated petition to UN Human Right Commission.
Nigeria has a permanent attorney representative whose business is to defend the State of Nigeria. It becomes the wits of UNHRC and State of Nigeria to deal with it.

Our leaders too have the right to defend themselves when we report them. That will guarantee openness among us the governed and the governors. All concerned will be accountable.

Can anybody sign outside Nigeria?

Yes. All citizens of the world whose affiliates has interest in Nigeria and Nigerian’s well-being are encouraged to sign the petition.

What about the safety of my information?

We will not email you anything unrelated to GoPetition. If your email address is supplied, it will be stored securely.

When you sign the petition, you may be sent a signature receipt by email that confirms that you have signed the petition. The receipt is for your records and provides information about how to edit and manage your signature. Your email address may be used for signature verification by GoPetition when we conduct quality control of a signature list. This is important to maintain high standards of signature list integrity. Quality signature lists promote quality petitions and successful campaigns. It guarantees the authenticity when presented to the the final arbitrators, UN.

When we don’t ask questions, it connotes agreement.

We lack knowledge, so we perish and languish in ignorant of our right, sadly when we keep quiet and by extension, don’t allow others to talk, we mortgage our rights to those few selfish leaders that knows.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing - Edmund Burk Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 - 1797)

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