#Human Rights
The white house

Uighur Muslims who have lived in China for thousands of years are being brutally exploited. It has been labeled one of the worst issues in modern days and people don’t know what to do to help. Less than 1% of the population in China is Muslim and with the population of Chinese against them they will be killed off if action isn’t taken. If these Muslims are relocated to Istanbul or any country where they can co-exist with others then their suffering can come to an end. These Muslims are enduring abuse through being forced to drink alcohol (this is against the Muslim religion), abandoning their religion through abuse and surrender, physical abuse, sexual assault, and much more. The only way we can make even a microscopic change is through signing this petition and praying for the best.
therefore we call on everybody to signed this , in hope that the congress will take acting in stoping this terror.

We ask for the sake of human rights, to take part of the petition and sign this.. in order to reach out for help!

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