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You gotta help ,hi I'm Chloe and I know I have the same name as one of the Bratz, any way If you know whats good in life then help the girlz with a passion 4 fashion! So if you hate Barbie as much as I do than please sign this petition.

(Parents, this is safe, so don't worry and every name counts if you sign then it will make a difference) thanks a whole lot for saving the Bratz!b

The Bratz are all about fashion, friends, family, while Barbie is all about no friends no environment only her self and Ken and pink. Is that what you want your kids to follow as a role model?!

I think not Bratz tell you to be true to your self and your bffs so be true and sign this petition or all will be bad please help please, why take something every girl wants? Mattel only is out 4 money and 2 them that's the only easiest way to get their grubby little hands on is money. so please help the bratz! thank you 4 signing:} u r all beautiful!

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