#Video Games
Sonic Team and Sega
United States of America

Who likes Tails? He is the best character Sega ever created and it may be about time Sonic Team tried to make his 1st 3D adventure. All i want to see is our fox get his own game that will be fun and possibly rated T and it will get good reviews and contain no anime.

The game could use air combat, action,
and adventure with some weapons. Make it so people 12-17 will want to buy it containing some blood and some swearing.

We want our favorite fox to get a big break and fight some true evil.

Help sign to give possibly Tails a new game where he can finally get a new voice, reach his teenage years and take on a more cunning/cool/similar personality but still keep the look we all know and grew up to love, take advantage of his abilities to fly, and build, and fight, use weapons but and still be good, use action and adventure like Zelda and Metroid, have the ability to raid lol, and feature new enemies, new friendly faces, old friends such as Sonic, Kunckles, and Amy.

Come on it could be worth it!

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