Wal-Mart CEO's and Sam Walton's Family
United States of America

Wal-Mart recently announced their decision to stop all Layaway Service at all their stores, starting November 19th, one week before their annual Christmas kick off sale, the day after Thanksgiving.

They want to move to a more "upscale" target customer, and want their customers to, instead of putting things on layaway, to now get credit and debit cards, so they will make more on those card fees.

I want people to not only sign this petition, but to call, write, email all their local Wal-Marts, and protest this decision. This will hurt families. Families that don't want or cant qualify for credit cards. Families who have to put school clothes and Christmas presents on layaway each year, or they wont be able to afford it.

Sam Walton was all for helping the middle to lower class families. He would not have done anything like this. It is the hard working middle to low class people that made Wal-Mart what it is today, and now they want to kick us to the curb, and move to be more "upscale'.

There is gonna be alot of families and children that will have little to no christmas this year because of Wal-Mart's greedy decision.

Wal-Mart - The Grinch That Stole Christmas!

We, the undersigned, do not want Wal-Mart to eliminate their Layaway Service.

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