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HELP. Please take the time to sign this petition not just read it. Every signature counts!

After six years of fighting, this is our last shot to try and stop the building of a wind farm 730m from our house in Clenchwarton, Norfolk. My son has Glaucoma which makes his eye sight fragile. These turbines will not only cause a noise disturbance but cause shadow flicker inside our home. Ronnie cannot cope with fluctuating light conditions and this could result in him banging his head and losing his remaining sight. Just close your eyes for one second and imagine your life without vision!

In accordance with the Human Rights Act. 1988, he should be entitled to respect for family and private life. If this plan goes ahead we will be forced out of our family home to ensure his safety.

Please sign the petition below for us to present to the inspector.

Thanking you in advance.

To the Inspectorate,

I the undersigned object to the construction of the Ongar Hill wind farm, in order that Ronnie Robinson can continue to enjoy his family home and private life as in article 8 of the human rights act, 1988.

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