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Domestic Violence involves the use of force, threats or intimidation by one person to control and manipulate others.

* It is mainly commited by men against women.

* It includes financial, social, emotional, and sexual abuse as well as psychological and physical abuse.

* It cuts across all socio-economic groups, cultures, ages, and religious groups.

* Psychological or emotional abuse can be just as harmful as physical abuse. Abuse in relantionship is never acceptable, whatever the circumstances.

Domestic Violence can have a profound effect on children whether they are personally abused or witness abuse of another family member.

38% of Women experiencing violence from a current partner and 46% of women who experienced violence by a previous partner said that children in their care had witnessed the violence.

We, The Citizens of New South Wales, call on the Australian Parliament to implement policies to provide a broad strategy for women's services and their children to have an effective protection from violence and equitable access to services.

We believe that a co-ordinated approach to assist women and children experincing domestic violence, an early intervention program and the right justice system will substantially change and improve their lives.

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