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Plans have been made by a business owner to destroy the 1629/1631 Mary's Avenue house and property in order to build a commercial parking lot.

Sharpsburg residents, please read and sign this petition if you want Sharpsburg Council Members to preserve the historic house and help the business owner find parking solutions that will make everyone pleased.

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We, the undersigned, call upon the council members of the Borough of Sharpsburg in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania to do everything in it's power to prevent the demolition and/or severe alteration of the historic, well maintained house and grounds (containing 6 mature trees) of 1629/1631 Mary's Avenue, Sharpsburg, Pa. 15215.

We ask that Sharpsburg Council do an emergency reevaluation of parking and zoning ordinances to stop the demolition of the Mary's Avenue duplex for a parking lot, as well as other similar properties that are also non-bilighted and non-tax delinquent.

We ask you, Sharpsburg Council Members, if possible, to assist Tusk Development in finding a blighted, run-down property or property in a non-residentail area to demolish and use for a parking lot. In April 2017, the property and house was actually bought by Camtar Development who has an affiliation with Tusk Development, the owner of the old Fort Pitt Brewery office buildings.

The absence of this Mary's Avenue house and grounds in a residential area- in exchange for a commercial parking lot for Tuft Development offices one block away- would greatly alter the infrastructure of the Mary's Avenue, 17th Street, Cecil Street, Middle Street and South Canal street neighborhood in physical and non physical ways. The Mary's Ave property with its large yards and 6 mature trees stand as a pleasant, historic and natural focal point. Being one of the first houses established in that vicinity (and still stands today), it also serves as a reminder of our historic Sharpsburg roots and the people who worked their entire lives to make this region the Borough of Sharpsburg. Today, we reap the benefits of their life long service to this town.

The house holds substantial historic importance because Mary Dethless (who lived in the house most of her life) was the first person born in the Borough of Sharpsburg. Mary was born in 1830 and lived in the house while it was surrounded by it's farmland, which bordered 16th to 17th Streets and Middle to South Canal Streets (when South Canal Street was a canal). She is the Mary for whom Mary's Avenue was named. Mary's husband was Rev. Matthias Dethless. Under his parsonage was built the First Evangelical Lutheran Church on 6th and Clay Streets . Because this church spoke the German language, it was responsible for attracting many German immigrants. The German immigrants quickly populated Sharpsburg. Farm lands were divided into multiple lots. Then, houses were built and businesses flourished. These events helped make Sharpsburg one of Allegheny County's finest communities to live and raise families.

Today, the Mary's Avenue area is a tight-knit community of mostly homeowners and some renters, many who have lived in this neighborhood most or all of their lives. Demolishing one of Sharpsburg's "oasis properties" in a strictly residential area for a commercial parking lot would be detrimental to our Sharpsburg sense of community and historical roots. It also would also destroy one of Sharpsburg's most beautiful lots and displace three families who have lived more than 20 years in the duplex.

The six large, mature trees on this property are vital for this Sharpsburg neighborhood by helping to remove the toxins in the air while releasing healthy oxygen to breath. The trees play an important rule in our health. Bulldozing the trees (with so little near) and replacing with a parking lot full of cars (expelling much more carbon monoxide) could bring devastating health problems to the local residents.

We trust you, Sharpsburg Council, as our elected officials to respect and protect our opininions and values concerning this house, as well as other houses while our borough supports the efforts of Sharpsburg business' growth and welcoming new ones. We also thank you in advance for doing all that you can do to help Sharpsburg grow economically, while also preserving our history and beloved residential neighborhoods.

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