Andrew Powell MP

In the beautiful hills of Curramore Qld, surrounded by State Forest and Wildlife conservation land, is a land owner currently clearing a significant wildlife corridor.
There are two areas on his land, although recognised Koala habitat, that are sadly, category X. This means he needs no permits, and can do whatever he wants with the land.

We live facing that area and see Koalas, Wedge tailed Eagles, Black Cockatoos and many species of birds and Bats in there living their lives. When we realized what he was doing, we offered to buy the land, but he refused.

Although the regulations state he has to have a Wild Life Spotter to ensure any trees with Koalas in them are left standing, the men holding the chainsaws and driving the tractors are the registered Wild Life Spotters. This is definitely a conflict of interest. They are clearing this land too fast to be able to see any Koalas much less save them. Help to to slow this process and bring awareness to these very twisted laws. We would love to see this corridor saved, but if it is too late, we at least want to change the laws to protect land like this for the future.

Andrew Powell, We, the undersigned, call on the government to change the laws protecting Wildlife Corridors in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

We demand the forest between Kidaman Creek Rd and 540 Curramore Rd be recognized as a significant Koala Habitat and all clearing (even on private land) be banned in those forests.

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