#Animal Rights
Richard M. Daley Mayor of Chicago
United States of America

Jan 16, 2004

It appears that the Chicago city council is targeting pit bulls and their owners.

I found out today that Alderman Ginger Rugai of Chicago is proposing a pit bull ban. Under her measure, pit bulls and pit bull mixes would be banned and current owners would have 30 days to "dispose" of their animals.

Violators would face large fines and up to 6 months in jail. Martha Armsrtong the senior vice president of the Humane Society is on our side fighting with her on this proposal. Mayor Daley was there for the entire hearing of the proposal set forth by Ms. Rugai.

Pit bulls are not naturally vicious. It's certain owners of very few pit bulls that have created this misconception. As the owner of a loveable pit bull I can honestly say she is the best dog I have ever owned hands down. She is great with children and any person that comes near her.

We can't ruin everyone's chances at owning one of these wonderful and loveable animals because of the mistakes of a few other people.

Adoption agencies for pit bulls are extremely strict with who they allow to have pits. They go through a careful screening process to make sure the dogs go to a good home where awful things like fight breeding and events will not happen. You can not hold the general public responsible for the actions of others.

Dog bans are the pet equivalent of racism!!!!

The undersigned respectfully request the Chicago City Council to vote "NO" in regards to Alderman Rugai's proposed ban on Pit Bulls. We request that more strict laws be considered for poor ownership of animals in general, rather than laws that focus on specific breeds.

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