#Animal Rights
Pesident Bush
United States of America

There are many animals who die every day. And do you know why? Animal labs. A couple of ways YOU can help stop animal labs:

1. Don't put up signs for free animals! You THINK these people will care for this litter of kittens (example), but you don't know them!

2.Sign This Petiton
Why You Should Sign: Do you know how labs get these animals? They steal them! Imagine a little girl. Small, always being made fun of. Her only friend is a small cat. She finds comfort in this friend and often wets the cat's tears with fur. The cat lays there, understanding. One day the cat "runs away". The mother says "Honey, someone'll give her a good home". Not true. What really happened was someone stole the cat and now the cat has to suffer just for cruel humans. The little girl will never see her cat again, and never knew what happened. Do this for all those little girls, and all the others who have a animal that has disappeared.

We, the undersigned, protest against the cruelty of animal labs.

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