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Glasgow City Council deveolpment and Regeneration
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Otago Lane is under threat from a massive planned development.

Otago Lane is a beautiful West End conservation area with unique independent shops, a small parking area and a charming Mews building. All this is currently under threat, as a local developer has submitted plans to put up four very modern blocks of flats.

Not only will this irrevocably change the look and feel of the area, especially as it will be highly visible from across the river at Gibson street and Great Western Road, but may put the futures of the independent retailers at risk. Currently we have a great selection of small shops, Voltaire and Rousseau (which is regularly used as a filming location), Mixed up Records, Ken Chapelle clock repair and of course Tchai Ovna.

We ask you to sign in order to help us protect the integrity of this beautiful and unique corner of the West End.

We, the undersigned, wish to submit our objections to the proposed development at 65-77 Otago Street and Otago Lane.

The basis of our objection is Loss of light and overshadowing to the small one storey mews property currently on Otago lane. Loss of visual amenity to the aforementioned mews property. Objection to the significantly altered townscape which will occur if the proposal is implemented. The scale, massing and density as well as skyline of the proposed development is significantly out of proportion to the development site and would appear to be totally unbalanced in the context of its proposed narrow single lane access.

Loss of a large area of green belt, a wildlife corridor and many trees. Quoting from Glasgow City Council’s City Plan: “the cutting down, topping, lopping or uprooting of trees and development proposals affecting properties and their settings will be subject to rigorous scrutiny“.

No consideration appears to have been given to the character of the boutique type properties in Otago Lane being mews properties dating from the early 1800’s with an open aspect and having a distinctly bohemian ‘West End’ character and feel. The new building proposed to be attached to the end of the existing mews will require the closure of the popular local amenity space of Tchai-Ovna (shop, gallery, meeting space and reading room) with associated loss of jobs, and will destroy the classic ‘West End’ character of the other shops in Otago Lane including the ‘Voltaire and Rousseau’ bookshop, ‘Kenneth Chapelle’ antique clock repair and restoration, and the ‘Mixed-up’ record shop.

The proposed development site will be enclosed on all sides with only a single access and egress via a narrow tightly constrained opening comprising a single track cobbled lane and a single pavement.

At peak times the areas surrounding the Otago Street and Gibson Street road network are extensivley congested. The proposed development will only serve to worsen this congestion with such a substantial increase in the number of residents will merely serve to increase the associated personal and vehicular journeys in an already heavily trafficked locality.

The site for the proposed development is located within an outstanding West End Conservation area, Glasgow City Council’s own development policy principle HER1 on Built Heritage and the Policy within Conservation Area states: “New development must respect its historic context in volume, scale, form, materials and quality” and it is patently clear from the developer’s proposals that these issues have been substantially disregarded.

In the light of the foregoing I object in the strongest possible terms to the proposed development at 65-77 Otago Street & Otago Lane, Glasgow now before you for consideration prior to it being considered by the Council. I consider the developer’s proposals would, if implemented, utterly destroy the character of a prized part of Glasgow’s classic West End as they are not justified, not feasible and not in keeping with the tone, ambience or character of the West End as well as being comprehensively in conflict with Glasgow City Council’s own Planning Standards.

I urge you therefore to reject the Proposals in your Report to the City Council’s Planning Committee and to note our Objection in this context.

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