The Sol Plaatje Municipality and Northern Cape Government
South Africa

BirdLife South Africa, the country's only dedicated bird conservation NGO, is very concerned about the effect of extremely poor water management on the population of Lesser Flamingos at Kamfers Dam. BirdLife South Africa is calling on all people who are passionate about the health of our country’s environment and its biodiversity to sign this petition.

Kamfers Dam at times supports more than 80,000 Lesser Flamingos, making it one of the most important sites for the species in southern Africa. It is one of only 4 sites in the world where the species has recently bred, with 24,000 chicks being produced on an artificial, purpose-built island from 2007-2009.

This wetland, one of 112 Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) in South Africa, is unfortunately threatened by a number of factors, but primarily water issues. Kamfers Dam receives its water from Kimberley’s storm water runoff, a large catchment area and, importantly, the city’s sewerage works.

The sewerage works was for many years dysfunctional and untreated sewage water flowed into Kamfers Dam. The sewerage works has subsequently been repaired but, because of ailing pump stations and old pipelines, little water reaches the sewerage plant. Instead, raw sewage is flowing into the veldt and polluting previously pristine and unique ephemeral pans to the west and north-west of Kimberley.

The Sol Plaatje (Kimberley) Municipality has known about the water issues for decades, but it was only after intervention by the Save the Flamingo Association, BirdLife South Africa and other organisations that the treatment works was repaired. Much more is however needed, including a proactive way of dealing with critical water and sewage issues in the city.

Importantly, the following needs urgent attention:
■ All infrastructure needs to be repaired and maintained.
■ Properly trained and experienced staff need to manage the sewerage works and other important infrastructure.
■ No untreated water should flow into the veldt, especially as this threatens human health and the natural environment.
■ Kamfers Dam’s water levels and water quality need to be maintained at acceptable standards, especially taking into account national legislation and the wellbeing of the dam’s flamingos and other birds.
■ A management plan should be developed and implemented, so that Kamfers Dam is managed in a manner which benefits the flamingos, other birds and biodiversity, and does not have negative effects on human health and surrounding railway infrastructure.
■ Suitable tourist facilities should be developed so that residents of, and visitors to, Kimberley can view the dam’s flamingos from a safe and suitable site.
Please donate R100, R500 or R1000 (or perhaps a larger anmount) towards BirdLife South Africa’s important efforts to protect Kamfers Dam and other Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas.

The bank details are:
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Randburg 254-005
Account: 62067506281
SORT CODE: 254005

Or visit http://www.birdlife.org.za/support-us/donate and make an online donation.

We the undersigned request that the Sol Plaatje Municipality and the Northern Cape provincial government URGENTLY address the aforementioned issues which are threatening Kamfers Dam and its flamingos.

We request that urgent measures are implemented to ensure that Kimberley’s sewage water is treated to a legally-acceptable standard, that no sewage water flows into the veldt, and that Kamfers Dam’s water quality and water level is maintained at predetermined standards which are not detrimental to the flamingos.

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