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The city of Richmond, KY
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We are Heavenly Blessings Soup Kitchen and Mission and we have been helping families in Richmond and surrounding areas since February 1st 2015. We are currently located 204 Blue Grass Dr, Richmond, KY 40475.

We help families in need with food and clothing and furniture and any items families may be in need of. We get donations for these items, and then give them away for free. Last year Lifeway bookstore gave a donation of Bibles for us to share with people in our community. Occasionally we request $1 donation, if people can afford it, to help us continue doing God's great mission!

We currently have had free sales during the day Monday = Wednesday from 10am-3pm so people can come to our carport and take the items they need for free. We are family operated, and have no employees. We are just a family that has been sent by God to move to Richmond and start a ministry in our home to help others in need both physically and spiritually.

We don't have enough money to have a separate building so this is why we are continuing to help others out of our home. Recently the City of Richmond has received several complaints about Heavenly Blessings Soup Kitchen and Mission, so they have sent an ordinance enforcement officer Jason Rawlins to talk with us. We followed his instructions and called planning and zoning and they have told us that we are the talk of all the depts of the City of Richmond, because they just don't know what they are going to allow us to do anymore.They cannot give us a code or ordinance specifically that we are not following.

The continuation of Heavenly Blessings Soup Kitchen and Mission is ultimately in the hands of God! Please sign this petition and let the City of Richmond know how much this ministry is needed, and that we have been a help to many families, and we will continue to be a help to those in need in the City of Richmond.

We, the undersigned, call on all the Departments in the City of Richmond to allow Heavenly Blessings Soup Kitchen and Mission to be run three days a week, giving away items for free. on their carport located at 204 Blue Grass Drive Richmond,KY 40475.

Allowing their sign to be posted at their residence in order to let people know where they are located, so they can help families in need in Richmond and surrounding areas more efficiently. Also allow them to have a donation jar, for those who are able to donate to help them keep their ministry going.

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