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Conservation BC

I rescued a baby Canada goose in May after my auntie found him crying, soaking wet and almost getting hit in the middle of the highway during a major storm. I raised him and now he has been taken and released near some lake somewhere in lake country and assured by the very same officer who released him, Ken Owens, that he would not survive in the wild. I'm so worried about him and I feel like he's just waiting out there for me somewhere, just waiting for his dad to come get him and feeling abandoned... I just need to know he's safe and okay. Please if anyone has any info that might help or if you see a tame goose please contact me asap, I miss him so much and I'm so worried about him. He's just a little baby still, only three months old.

I, the rescuer and caregiver to Elliot the Canada goose, call upon the B.C. Conservation Officer Service for the location of the release of Elliot and his release back into my custody with a permit to keep him when he is found.

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