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Crazy Creatives, is a section created by the administrators at indiaforums to allow creative ideas & thoughts of special group of members with versatile talents & abilities.

This group gives ideas which in turn are made global in theforum, so that all members may enjoy & involve themselves in the activities; Such as contests, Announcements, &discussions/events.

Its true that at times, we have been overloaded with work & that many members have become inactive 4 many reasons(studies, work, & so on). Also, our head (diva)& organizer(Saba) are both on Veteran leave & they are the heart N souls of the place.

Yet as they say the "show must go on" if rest is required, we can always lessen the activities, however, to shut it down would be so sad. I am sure in the future we will be able to regroup so before any rash decisions are made I ask administration to reconsider & I humbly request members to please sign the petition & save crazycreatives from being shutdown!

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