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The "Ren and Stimpy" show is an older cartoon show that is targeted at older teens. It began in the early nineties on the channel Nickelodeon. It has been aired on Nick, MTV, and now VH1. VH1 has seen fit to cut whole segments out of the show to make more time for commercials, and put pop-up banners on the screen almost constantly.

This petition is to show VH1 that people do not enjoy seeing this classic show torn apart for the benefit of the Network it is shown on. The show is missing whole segments, such as all the Log shorts, in every episode. This is done so VH1 has more advertising for their sponsors. VH1 also puts banners announcing what show is currently on, and what will be on next, on the screen after EVERY commercial break. All of these things add up to take more and more time from the actual show, and it's quality. This has GOT to stop! Tell VH1 that you don't accept the treatment this show has recieved. You can also send VH1 a letter to express your feelings. Their address is VH1 1515 BROADWAY NEW YORK NY 10036.

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