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I'm looking for help from people in Harold Hill, Harold Wood, Romford.

We are trying to get help for Residents of Gooshays Drive. This is a busy road leading off the A12. There are buses and lots of traffic as this is a Main road. You may or may not know the road, but it has very large double grass verges in front of the houses. This is approx 18 ft from the road. The council are charging £5,800 for off road parking ie a dropped kerb with tarmac drive!

Lots of these houses are council and also there are owned houses. Many people cannot afford this kind of money to pay the council especially if they area council tenant and don't own their house it's not something you would pay even if you could if the house dosent even belong to you.

In the past year I've seen at least 10 cars hit while parked in the road because that is the only place to park if you are are resident without a driveway. One was our car. Nobody who hits these cars stops, leaving the poor people to pay for all the damage themselves or lose their no claim discount.

More importantly there are NO pavements by the side of the road - the only way into your car is the road otherwise you have to walk into mud verges that are littered with dog mess by the edge of the road. I have two young children 5 and 2 years and while trying to get into my car was nearly hit with my daughter in my arms and my poor son age 5 standing by the side of the road screaming and then was abused by the driver with foul language for trying to get my daughter into the car. This road is going to kill someone and I beg it's not one of my children.

I have spoken to the council who don't care and also a councillor who say the only way is to gather as many signatures as possible to get the council to provide off road parking bays by removing one of the double grass verges. Therfore making it safe for residents cars to not get hit and smashed up and for visitors and more importantly so residents- with young children, elderly people and just people in general can get in and out of their car safely and not risk getting hit every time they do so. Also this will free up the road leaving it clear both sides for traffic and buses to pass through easily without causing traffic chaos every day because the traffic cant get past the parked cars.

All we are asking is for help by you placing your name beneath this petition to help residents of this busy road to make it safe for everybody not just because you can pay £5,800 for the privilege!

Sincere thanks in advance if you can help by placing your signature here.

With as many signatures as we can get we are hoping to take this to the council along with Councillors of this area to get something done for the residents of this street to protect their children, their cars and their families and visitors and make this a safer place to live.

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