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The Historic Trust
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The Historic Trust, the current owner of the Providence Academy, has proposed to sell off a part of the historic site to be developed as retail and condominiums. Because of its connection to Mother Joseph, her remarkable work, and the development of the city of Vancouver, the Academy is one of the most significant buildings in the region.

The proposed development would overshadow and diminish the presence of the Academy. It would obscure the view of the Academy and its iconic smokestack from downtown Vancouver, to the detriment of the Academy’s historic character. The new development will also negatively impact an already poor parking situation in this already crowded Historic District. These are just a few of the many, and varied, reasons why the undersigned oppose this development.

We need to protect this historic site from detrimental development.

We, the undersigned, call on the Historic Trust to stop the proposed sale and development in order to avoid the harm it will do to the historic Providence Academy site. We also petition the Historic Trust to allow the entirety of the Providence Academy site to be listed on the Clark County Heritage Register. By doing this, the community will be assured that there will be more stringent protection, public guardianship, and transparency regarding potential changes to this historically significant property.

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