The Honourable John Taylor, City Councillor for Ward 3 of Burlington, Ontario

The City of Burlington currently has no bylaw in place to protect mature healthy trees from being needlessly cut down on private property. The City of Oakville however has an extensive bylaw in place that prohibits residents from taking down any trees on their property without an on-site consultation first, followed by an application for permits to remove. This is to “help us preserve healthy trees and protect our community's urban forest.” Property owners must apply for a permit before removing any tree with a trunk measuring 15cm or larger in diameter. As well, for every tree that is taken down, one tree must be planted for every 10 cm DBH of healthy tree removed. Following the same measures as our neighbouring Oakville would help continue to provide and promote the positive message to residents in sustainability and that our environment is an important cause to support in our communities. Many of Burlington’s trees in the older neighbourhoods are 50+ years and cannot be quickly replaced. Cutting them down harms our environment, takes away natural habitats from our local wildlife and furthermore, removes any kind of natural privacy and sun shelter canopy. Enforcing a bylaw for the protection of our mature trees here in Burlington is one more step towards keeping the charm and maturity of our city intact.

I am urging all my fellow residents of the City of Burlington to sign my petition in the hopes of having a private tree protection bylaw in place that will protect mature healthy trees on private properties from being unjustly cut down in our communities. We need to take initiative in our communal accountability for sustainability and preservation of nature in our neighbourhoods. I am calling on the Honourable John Taylor, Councillor of Ward #3 to consider the matter and ultimately bring the issue to the City Council table for discussion. It’s time for Burlington to add a residential tree removal bylaw as an equal to the city tree protection bylaw already in place.

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