#Human Rights
Waukesha County Court

Morgan Geyser was one of the two girls caught in the vicious cycle of peer pressure and internet abuse who ended up stabbing her best friend 19 times for a fictional character.

This petition in no way condones what she did, but is a fight for her to get a second chance at life and get treatment for her mental illness. Morgan Geyser was not onky stuck in that vicious cycle, but as a mentally ill tween, its much more detrimental. Help us find peace for her family. Morgan needs to go to treatment, not be locked in a cell for life.

This movement will people understand that mentally ill humans do not deserve to be tucked away as if they were evil forces of humun nature. Because they arent. They just need help.

Let Morgan Geyser get a second chance at life and a chance at treatment and recovery.

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