#Roads & Transport
Powys County Council

It is well known that there are health and safety issues in relation to people who live in the community of Churchstoke and others crossing the main road. Two of these issues are:

1, Vehicles speeding through Churchstoke
2, Vehicles not stopping for people to safely cross the zebra crossing situated by Tuffins stores.

Vehicles speeding through Churchstoke is a daily occurrence as is people complaining about vehicles not stopping for them as they wait to cross the zebra crossing. This could be due to a couple of reasons which involve the speed they are going and the drivers not spotting the zebra crossing in time.

Myself and my whole family on one occasion were half way across the zebra crossing when a 4x4 truck which was speeding nearly ploughed us all over. The truck didn't stop to apologise and carried on going.

If you feel passionate for a change on this situation then please sign this petition.

We, the undersigned, call on the local authority Powys County Council to install a speed monitoring system in Churchstoke and to explore the possibilities of installing a safer road crossing in Churchstoke.

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