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Airsoft is a widely recognized hobby and sport internationally

Is Airsoft Safe, Yes or No?
Airsoft has enjoyed a huge increase in popularity recently. Along with the rise, Airsoft has also gotten a lot of press as to whether the guns are safe or not. So are they? The answer is Yes and No; here's why.

Before we go any further it is important to understand that Airsoft guns are not toys. They are highly detailed firearm simulations that fire plastic 6mm BBs at muzzle velocities of 100-400FPS. Like paintball guns, they are designed for use under controlled, private environments, and should be treated like a real fiream. Used correctly, airsoft is a fun way participate in paintball-like competitions and/or to enhance military simulations/training. Use of airsoft guns also develops the proper handling and respect for firearms. Parents should ensure that children under 18 should be supervised by an adult when using airsoft guns.

From a lethal stand-point Airsoft Gnus are safe. The plastic Airsoft Ammo that it shoots is too slow and light to penetrate the skin, and cause damage to internal organs. So, your not going to kill anyone using an airsoft gun.That said, don't get to relaxed around airsoft guns because that what cannot kill you can still injure you.

A flying plastic 6mm BB, moving at airsoft velocities can break bare skin and worse damage the eyes and/or cause blindness. That is the number one danger from airsoft guns. Because of this it is important that everyone uses eye protection when shooting airsoft guns. Even when shooting at targets, a chance ricochet can cause eye injury.

I believe with age restriction , licening , improvised strict rules and regulation , airsoft guns will be much safe here , in Singapore. I believe that airsoft can widely benefit singapore.

With strict rule and regulation( carry gun in a gun bag when going to skirmishesh etc).The person must pay a fee and go through several test mentality test before getting to applying for a airsoft gun license.when purchasing an airsoft gun , the license must be present. Whether or not there must be an orange tip and flash hider can only be used when in skirmish( a legal one with approval )I believe if airsoft are legal, some airsoft shop may open here in SG. This will attract foreign airsoft company to invest in Singapore airsoft shops and might even buy land or even build airsoft indoor facilities.only people who are members of airsoft clubs ( which are know to the government and police ) can buy airsoft guns from another country and travel with them to other country for skirmish or match.

Having airsoft legal and places for skirmish, this will lead a decrease of obesity rate, as it not only help heavier people to lose wait and also train Singaporean about urban warfare, this will again attract foreigners to come to Singapore to have an airsoft "war" this also can strengthen bond with other country , making SG a peaceful country. Government can banned lousy protective gears like mesh goggles and allow such good quality airsoft / paint ball mask makers like onimaru to open a shop here if it's successful it will have permission to expand there business and again this will attract foreigners . This can allow Singapore to be a cosmopolitan country, again lead to attracting of permanent residents, which helps overcome the ageing population and shrinking of work force, therefore SG can adapt to other culture experience for example Halloween which people in Singapore are starting to celebrate.

But if people uses airsoft for bad intend , like robbing the bank, strict doers can be given to police to shoot them, without giving in and also patrol areas like void decks and so. If it is not safe enough, glued orange tip of airsoft guns, so that peopl can't remove them and at once peopl can tell which is a toy.

Make sure that airsoft guns must must be kept out of reach of childrens. Safety phamlets can be distributed when buying airsoft guns. If a person tries to abuse their with their airsoft guns, their license will be confiscated and banning them from purchasing any airsoft guns.with the license, government can keep tract of how many airsoft gun that particular person own. Make that certain airsoft guns cannot exceed a certain range.

People applying for license must be 18 (unless exception) and above. If they fail to pass the test they will not be able to apply for license until the next test. Before taking a test , people must go through maybe a 24 hour course (8 course lesson) which government can hire professionals from clubs to teach the people about safety, people must attend all course
Unless they are on medical leave, if not they will not receive certificate to go for the test, which they need to wait for the next course.

Here are some airsoft rules
1: airsoft gun should be kept away from children.
2: when airsoft guns are not in use , make sure gun on safe mode, battery remove, magazine remove , change back flashlighter to an orange or red one.
3: when going to skirmish , keep rifle in a gun bag , do not be a hero and expose them to public before reaching skirmish ground.
4: protective gears must be present at all times
5: never flash an airsoft gun out in public even if you are going to head to a repair shop,make sure the airsoft gun is fully conceal and not visible to public
6: airsoft guns must be treated like real fire arms don't do stupid things like looking into the barrel, shooting people and animals( when they are not wearing protective gears and are not playing with you) don't do stupid things like shooting at other people's property
7: only allow singaporeans and PRs to buy airsoft guns locally , cannot buy from other country to Singapore through hand carry , ( exception for exclusive club members only]only can oder through Internet but must be checked by the airsoft profesionals and arm and explosives department . Only replica accessories like sights and scope can be brought into Singapore by hand carry through luggages.
8: any airsoft guns with a muzzle velocity of over 500fps will not be allowed or must be powered down.
9: no metal or paint bbs can be sold in Singapore or ordered[although this generation of airsoft guns have been provent that cannot fire metal bbs and also modified in to real fire arm.]
10: only airsoft guns can be brought without licnese if it a spring operated , not 1:1 scale ,bright coloured and less than a muzzle velocity of 100fps.
11: all airsoft vest and and uniform must not be the same as the SAF uniform or vest.
12: orange tip must be present at all times unless in skirmishes, if not person will be fine or even jailed

Singapore can hire professionals to educate our citizens on airsoft safety and how to differ an airsoft from a real firearm and also EDUCATE ADULTS to not foolishly allow children to play with their airsoft guns.

We, the undersigned, here by call out the government and Singapore Sports council to reform law of banning airsoft guns and allowing them for private possession.

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