#Human Rights
London borough of Sutton
United Kingdom

Lilly-anne's family have been battling since the day she was born,she was admitted to hospital where she underwent various test and surgeries and waited for a property safe for her to go home as she has complex needs and has to receive a infusion feed straight to her heart, which provides her with the nutrients to maintain a quality of life. Lilly-Anne has various life limiting illnesses, she also requires a nurse to attend the property to take blood and give antibiotics via the central line, when she is unwell due to her compromised immune system this is more often more serious than people think.

A day in the life of Lilly-Anne consists of being attached to infusion machine for 18 hours a day,which is very restricting for a 3 year old. Her bedroom consists of mainly medical equipment and there is a refrigerator in her bedroom, which is required to store her TPN, this has been reported as a health and safety issue to Sutton council by enviromental health this has ignored.

The nurses who stay with Lilly-Anne that stay overnight with Lilly-Anne have mentioned that the room is to small and limited in space to prepare medications. She is unable to play in her room as it is not safe due to yhr lack of room for storage of the medical equipment needed on a day to day basis.

When Lilly-Anne is attached to the infusion machine (TPN) she is unable to move around the property due to there not being enough space to manouver the drip stand or for Lilly-Anne to play safely with her younger brother.

The property is not suitable for the growing needs of Lilly-Anne or her family and this battle has been going on over the last 17 months,despite various letters of support from medical, social and support teams which has been ignored by Sutton council.

We are asking for people to sign this petition to show the council that you are in support of the family, who have had various battles with the council over the last 17+ months.

Please take action and help achieve better understanding for all of those families currently housed in this borough who may have issues with housing not being suitable for the growing needs of a developing child or young adults with life limiting illnesses or disabilities.

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