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Your valuable signature is ESSENTIAL in helping me REMOVE Judge William Thomas from the murder case of my daughter.

My daughter, Ana Maria Angel was kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered.

Judge William Thomas has decided to throw 2 essential confessions away.

Sign this petition to ensure that justice is done in an impartial and fair trial.


On the 28th of April of 2002, my life was completely torn apart after my daughter Ana Maria Angel and her boyfriend Nelson Portobanco suffered a terrible assault. Ana Maria Angel was KIDNAPPED, ROBBED, RAPED and MURDERED by multiple assailants.

Nelson was left for dead after receiving numerous punches and stabs. He was stabbed in his back, throat and face with a knife. Fortunately, he survived.

Individuals accused of committing these heinous acts were detained and are awaiting trial.

After four long years of delays and legal maneuvers, the case has been assigned to Judge William Thomas to oversee Ana’s case. To my surprise, his attitude and decisions have demonstrated to us that he's a judge who, in our opinion, is still acting as a former defense attorney.

The judge lacks the necessary experience in criminal cases, especially since he is a new judge and has been working much of his life defending criminals.

We have decided to express these thoughts publicly in hopes that justice may not be undermined in the criminal trial.

Judge William Thomas' LIBERAL attitude and decisions so far may not see the best interests of justice served.

Judge William Thomas THREW OUT vital evidence, the confession of the alleged perpetrators. If the accused are freed in these circumstances, we face the risk that they will terrorize the lives of the daughters and sons of our community.


We, the undersigned, hereby petition for the review of Judge William Thomas and his removal as a judge in this trial.

Ana Maria Angel’s case deserves a fair trial and we want justice served!

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