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Kristie Tunick is a 33 year-old woman from Henderson, Nevada. Kristie's mysterious illness began in 2006 and has only progressed as the years have passed. Kristie has been a prisoner in her own home for the last three years being unable to walk or even sit up for long periods of time.

Kristie is in constant pain; she has a number of medications which she takes each day however none of them seem to help. Kristie has been seen by various doctors in such medical facilities such as: The Mayo Clinic and The Cleveland Clinic however doctor's have never completed a full work-up on Kristie.

Kristie's last chance for hope was to be accepted into the Rare Unknown Disease program at NIH, but her case was rejected. Kristie's condition is extremely complex as it consists of a rare neuromuscular disease as well as a possible autoimmune disease. Kristie has nowhere to go at this time as no doctor will take her case and she is getting worse by the day.

Please help this young woman receive the care that she so desperately needs.

We, the undersigned, call on the National Institutes of Health (NIH), or any other qualified medical facility to accept Kristie Tunick as a patient and complete a full medical evaluation.

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