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Until recently, the Park Hill schools, Park Hill Infant School and Park Hill Junior School, admitted 60 pupils into their Reception and Year 3 classes. The schools are Linked so the Infant School’s Year 2 became the Junior School’s Year 3.

In the 2008/2009 educational year Croydon’s LEA requested that Park Hill Infant School accept 120 pupils into their Reception year. In 2009/2010 another request was made for the Infant School to accept 90 pupils into Reception. Park Hill accepted both requests.

Given the schools history it was generally expected that Park Hill Junior School would accept 120 pupils in 2011/2012. It is now proposed that the Park Hill Schools permanently increase their admissions to 90 pupils per year from the 2011/2012 educational year. The effect of this proposal would mean only 90 of the 120 pupils who joined Park Hill Infant School in 2008/2009 would be admitted to Park Hill Junior School Year 3 in 2011/2012.

We the undersigned petition Croydon’s LEA and Park Hill Junior School to agree to admit all 120 pupils in the 2011/2012 educational year. We believe the accepted practice of the Junior School admitting the Infant’s School’s Year 2, in its entirety, is morally correct.

When the Infant School was asked to admit 120 pupils those involved became responsible for ensuring all 120 pupils where educated at both Park Hill schools until Year 6. Not to do so would mean unnecessarily disrupting the education of 30 pupils and breaking friendships & social ties of all the children & parents.

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