#Animal Rights
Cora Ridout

My dog was curiously investigating another dog that she has never met before, when the other smaller dog I'm guessing felt intimidated and bit her ear. Then my dog animal instincts kicked in and she defended herself causing no harm or mark to other dog, while my dog suffered a small cut to her inner ear causing her to bleed.

Now because of my dogs breed (Pit Bull), the town of Halton Hills is charging me for my dogs instincts kicked in and she protected herself. Which any human would have done. When owner was asked if the dog was all right, the dog was aggressive with its own owner and when the concerned adult went to pet the other dog, the dog snapped at his hand and almost inflicted injures.

We, the undersigned, are asking for the rights of my animal, Pearl, to be recognized and respectfully met. My dog was only reacting the way any animal would in a similar situation. If my dog was not a Put Bull, nothing would have been done. If a "coloured" person seriously injures a non "coloured" person, they would not be euthanize for that or have their "colour" banned, in order to decrease their population and help keep their "colour" in "check". My dog's rights are not being met.

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