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Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, Lawrence Cannon, Foreign Affairs Minister;MP Bryon Wilfert

Gilad is Free!!

October 18, 2011**** - Gilad Shalit is freed from captivity in a prisoner swap with a ratio of 1027:1. Gilad greets the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister and the IDF Chief of Staff. He then greets his family and flies home to Mitzpe Hila, in the Galilee. Hopefully Gilad can recover from this terrible ordeal and still reclaim his youth.

March 31, 2011*** Mailing this letter Letter to Noam & Aviva Shalit the parents of Gilad Shalit in Jerusalem to show our support and remind them that we haven't forgotten about Gilad!

March 24, 2011 **GREAT RESPONSE from the Hon. Bryon Wilfert, Liberal MP Richmond Hill; includes letters sent by Mr. Wilfert to Hon. Lawrence Cannon (Minister of Foreign Affairs) and to Mrs. Miriam Ziv (Israeli Ambassador to Canada)
Wilfert's Personal Response

March 17, 2011 *Dear A. Rochman:

On behalf of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence regarding the detention of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Thank you for sharing your concerns with the Prime Minister. You may be assured that your comments have been carefully reviewed.

M. Bredeson - Executive Correspondence Officer for the Prime Minister's Office***

BACKGROUND: Gilad Shalit (born August 28, 1986) is an Israeli soldier who was captured on June 25, 2006 by Hamas (classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S., Canada, the EU, U.K., and Japan) in a cross-border raid. He was abducted near the Kerem Shalom crossing (in Israel), and has been held as a prisoner in the Gaza Strip by Hamas since then (currently >1700 days in captivity) Gilad's treatment during his captivity has been and still is in strict violation of Articles 13, 14, 23, 30, 31 and 72, (and many others) of the III Geneva Convention, circa 1949. III Geneva Convention

While Israel is still technically at war with Hamas, Gilad's captivity has dragged on for much longer than the intended purpose of his capture. Even as the international community becomes outraged with the events of other terrorist/totalitarian regimes (i.e. Moammar Gaddafi, Mahmoud Ahmadeinejad, Kim Jong-Il, etc.) it has yet to address a truly humanitarian issue that has been in play for almost 5 years. The true reality and irony is that Israel has ~2000 Hamas prisoners in its' prisons today (for various crimes against humanity, including targeting civilians, training children to become terrorists, using children as human shields, etc.), yet, those prisoners have access to family visits, communication with the outside world and the use of technology (i.e. cell phones, internet access). Meanwhile, Gilad Shalit has NONE of these liberties, according to the III Geneva Convention.

Being held captive by the Hamas terrorist organization for almost 5 years is something NONE of us can comprehend or even imagine...but, ALL of us can sympathize with and do whatever it takes to demand fair and equitable treatment and ultimately make a difference.


Link: What you can do from your own home!

Gilad Shalit Awareness Materials

As of March 15, 2011, I have sent my request to the Hon. PM Stephen Harper and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Lawrence Cannon outlining the same arguments I made to the MP of Richmond Hill, the Hon. Bryon Wilfert. LETS KEEP PUSHING! Gilad cannot fight for human rights himself, we must do it on his behalf!

As of today, March 14, 2011, I have sent the Hon. MP Wilfert's office an email explaining exactly what we are doing and requested making forward progress on the issue. If the Canadian government wants to prove to the world it is a Human Rights champion among nations, it must act on the issue of our son, Gilad Shalit!

We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister of Canada, Hon. Stephen Harper, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Lawrence Cannon and the MP Richmond Hill, the Hon. Bryon Wilfert, to request that a motion be tabled before the Canadian parliament addressed to the Hamas terrorist organization and the international community demanding:

- Gilad Shalit, a prisoner of war, "Must at all times be humanely treated."
- That a qualified Human Rights organization (i.e. the International Red Cross) be permitted by the Hamas terrorist organization to immediately visit Gilad Shalit to assess his physical and mental condition
- Gilad Shalit "be allowed to receive by post or by any other means individual parcels or collective shipment" ("care packages"), including foodstuffs, clothing, medical supplies, and other articles..."
- The Hamas terrorist organization release, "all useful information regarding the geographical location of the prisoner of war (Gilad Shalit)"

We, the undersigned, request that this motion be tabled immediately before the Canadian parliament and made into a top priority of the Canadian government.

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