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There are known to be 1.5 million addicts of benzodiazepines in the UK unfortunately there is no real help provided to help people off these drugs.

Most people addicted to them are left on them as doctors dont know how to cope with the situation.

It is estimated that there are over a hundred people in every GP surgery taking these tablets.

I am asking that the British government do something to help There has be a launch an all party committee to look at the problems of these drugs so a petition should help back up the need.

To provide facilities to help the 1.5 million in UK addicted to benzodiazepines and Z drugs come these prescription drugs safely, and help people regain their mental and physical health and to educate GPs and psychiatrists that these drugs should be prescribed no longer than 4 weeks.

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The Help for medically induced addicts of Benzodiazepines petition to The Uk government was written by Jennifer Robinson and is in the category Health at GoPetition.