Bromley Council
United Kingdom

Reverse vending machines, or RVM’s, help tackle the plastic waste problem. They accept empty plastic bottles and return money or vouchers to the user. The bottles are crushed, compacted and dropped into a bag at the bottom of the machine, from where they are collected for recycling. An estimated 15,000 machines are in operation In Sweden, Norway and Denmark. RVM’s helped Norway to recycle over 90 per cent of plastic bottles, while in UK just over half of plastic bottles are recycled.

We the undersigned request Bromley Council to introduce trial reverse=vending machines at strategic points in the borough. People will receive a reward incentive for feeding in plastic bottles. This scheme will help to reduce litter and overflowing rubbish bins in our streets.

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The Help Fight Plastic Waste with Reverse Vending Machines petition to Bromley Council was written by Bromley Green Party and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.